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With 30+ years in the boating and yacht sales business, our team at Redmond Boats & Yachts combine knowledge, passion, and experience when it comes to serving our customers. We are your “one-stop-shop” as you search for buying a new boat of your dreams and we will walk with you through the process step by step to get you and your family on the water as soon as possible.

When you partner with us you’ll get a person who understands everything about the industry. We are real people with real experience. In the journey to finding the right boat, you want someone who will take the time to get to know you, listen, and add a personal touch that will make a difference in getting you the end result you’ve always wanted and one that also matches the investment you’ve made. Our goal is for you to feel confident in choosing Redmond Boats & Yachts when it comes to buying and selling a boat. From questions involving boat specs, to parts, to rigging and repairs, we are involved in all aspects of the marine industry and can offer our help to make this a smooth sailing experience.


Larry Redmond

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I grew up in Louisiana where my love and expertise for boats and yachts began. Louisiana is a sportsman’s paradise and the average person has somewhere near four boats. As a child, all we really had to do was boat and fish. My first boat was a rubber raft and at five years old I would go and shoot snakes down in the bayou. I loved being on the water. The first boat deal I ever negotiated was around the 8th grade. It has been history ever since. After college was complete, I was on the way home from doing some work in West Virginia and I stopped to visit my uncle in Alabama. I ended up staying five years. During my time there is when I really got going learning all of the ins and outs of the boating industry. I ended up in Florida in 1991 and was able to connect with a gentleman who got me set up with my first job dealing boats. In the early 2000s, because of past relationships and connections within the boating community, people began to seek me out to help them buy or sell their boats. My business grew from 100% referrals. For me, it’s all about putting a face to a boat and a boat to an experience. I enjoy meeting people one on one and helping them find the boat of their dreams.


Meet the Team

Captain Sean McCarthy

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I’m originally from Massachusetts, but was raised in Fernandina Beach, Florida since the age of seven. I grew up on a marina when I was little and like to tell people that we moved from one fishing village to another. I have been on or around the water since childhood. Boating, fishing,  and music (Coastal Country) have been threaded throughout my life. Years ago, Larry mentioned I should get involved in the boat selling business and got me set up. I have 30 years experience with a 100 Ton Masters Captain’s license. Within Redmond Boats & Yachts, my main role is using my knowledge of boats, inside and out, to help a customer find the right fit. When it comes to boats, I’ve done a little bit of it all from the maneuvering to the maintaining. My favorite part of working with a client is when we do all the research, they get on the water, and they thank me because we picked the right one. For me, it’s fitting the right person with the right boat. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled throughout the East Coast and the Bahamas, while also charting out trips and getting people comfortable to start their own adventure.



Captain Ryan Rodeffer

I was born and raised in Amelia Island and still count myself fortunate to reside in this community. My life has always been marked by a love for the water and for boats. Growing up, my dad always had boats and I was able to join him on the water throughout my childhood. My aunt has always said my first word was “boat.” Even now, I love tournament fishing and finding other ways to enjoy life outside. My work in the industry began when I received a call to work on yachts. I wanted to be close to home and stay connected to my passion surrounding boats. I was able to build upon my experience by receiving my 100 Ton Masters license to continue doing what I love to do. You’ve heard the quote that talks about finding something you love to do and find a way to make a living out of it. That’s exactly what I am able to do. I am on the water day and night. I run the pilot boats for the ships in Jacksonville, FL and serve clients in the realm of sales and brokerage. I love meeting new people and helping them buy or sell their dream boat. In working with Larry and Redmond Boats & Yachts, our goal is to be a personal company that is highly approachable.


Captain Steve Murray

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Capt. Steve began his sailing career on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH while in College at the University of NH, sailing a 19 ft “Flying Dutchman”. Later in 1978 after serving in the US Army (1971 t0 1974), Steve obtained his sailing credentials at the Boston Harbor Sailing Club (equivalent to todays’ ASA 101, 103 & 104 ratings). Over the years Steve has owned several boats and sailed on the US Eastern coast from Maine to Florida and the Keys.

After Retirement, as a Telecom executive in 2009, Steve began his post retirement career, initially building and selling custom made Fly Rods, then obtaining his USCG Captains’ license (Master 100 ton), which led to becoming a “Delivery Captain”. As a Delivery Captain, Steve successfully delivered over 100 sail and/or power boats (from 34 ft to 74 ft) along the USA East Coast, the Caribbean Islands (USVI, BVI, Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rico, Belize), and amassing over 90,000 “Blue Water” miles.

Currently, Capt. Steve, is serving as an ASA Certified Sailing Instructor and Charter Captain at the WindWard Sailing School, on Amelia Island, FL. Also, Steve assists boat owners with rigging and electronics upgrades to their yachts.


  • Univ. Of NH, BS (Accounting & Industrial Psychology)
  • Univ. of Mass. (Lowell) Assoc. Electrical Engineering
  • Rivier University, (Nashua, NH) MBA
  • USCG: Master 100 ton, with Towing, Sailing and Celestial Navigation credentials.
  • American Sailing Association (ASA): Certified Sailing Instructor
  • International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA)
  • Chesapeake Area Professional Captains Association (CAPCA)
  • Catalina Yacht Factory Experience
  • Florida Licensed Yacht Broker
  • Vietnam Veteran

Capt. Steve, with over 50 years sailing and boating experience is eager and able to assist you in finding your Yacht of choice.


Eyal Ezra

Originally from Israel, I now reside in Vilano Beach, Florida. As a kid I was on the water taking part in wind surfing, sailing, and scuba diving. When I was 14 years old, I was in the Nautical College of Israel where I attended boating school. From there, my journey took me to three years of service with the Israeli Navy and shortly thereafter I was a third mate for 13 years as an Israeli Merchant Marine. In 1996, I came to the United States and traveled to California where I opened my own business in construction as a developer of custom homes. At the same time, I found myself on the water again and owned a 47-foot Beneteau sailing boat for 10 years. Now that I am in Florida, my fiance and I enjoy owning a 49-foot Jeanneau sailing boat. My role at Redmond Boats & Yachts involves customer service and sales. My favorite part of the job is customer service. I love the communication and interaction I have with people and my goal is to make sure that they are going to be 100% satisfied with what they’ve decided to buy. I like to be the messenger as well as help be their eyes when they’re looking for a boat. This is not an easy process. It takes a lot of time and patience. I am able to make sure I’ve done a lot of research and work so that the outcome is what the customer wants. I believe we can choose to do the right things through hard work beforehand. I love getting to advise the buyers on the investment they will be making by finding solutions. If I am able to provide good service, people will feel it and they will come back. Aside from selling boats, my non-profit organization, Ezra Sailing Foundation, Inc., is able to make a difference in the lives of special needs kids and military veterans who are working through PTSD and utilizing sailing as a means of therapy.


Denise NesSmith

I am originally from Jacksonville, FL and currently live in Saint Augustine. For as far back as I can remember, I’ve been at the beach or at our family lake house in the Keystone area. In our family, we moved to the lake the day school got out for summer and returned a few days before school started. I learned to swim from being tossed off the back of the boat at the sandbar. We all learned to ski behind the family boat. I have the pleasure of working for Redmond Boats & Yachts as a yacht broker. My favorite part of buying and selling boats for people is understanding the client’s wants and needs and matching the right boat to the right people. I am excited to partner with Larry as I was referred to him by a good friend. He has a great reputation in the boating world, is very helpful, has years of experience, and is a fair and honest man. My husband and I have made many deliveries of a wide variety of boats. We’ve transported sail boats, power cruisers, motor yachts – you name it! We bare-boat chartered mono hulls and catamarans in the USVIs and BVIs. In 2011, we sold our home, bought, and moved aboard our 54 Gulfstar Sailcruiser. We were fortunate enough to live in the Abacos for three. years. After surviving Hurricane Dorian, we returned to Florida. We just recently bought a home in Saint Augustine where we are enjoying living on land with the four cats we have rescued along our sailing adventures.


Lori Kite

(904) 434-4809

I am originally from Texas although I have been a Florida resident since 1987. My fascination with boating and time on the water began early in my childhood. My grandparents and parents were all boat owners and my earliest memories are of time with my family learning to ski and tube rides on the lake.

While at college I obtained my scuba license and began a new world of adventures on dive boats and travel. My international travels provided opportunities to visit the Great Barrier Reef, The Grand Caymans, Belize, and Cozumel and of course the Florida Keys.

I have experienced ownership in a variety of boats including jet boats, center consoles, cabin cruisers, pontoon, and deck boats. I purchased a boat from Larry several years ago and could not have been more pleased with his assistance during and even after the purchase. His honesty, Integrity, and willingness to assist with all aspects of the process gave me the confidence to buy the perfect boat.

Through his mentorship I aspire to share this passion for boats and love of the water and allow others also find their perfect vessel.


Doug Crenshaw

I am a true native Floridian, born and raised in the Sunshine State. I’ve lived on or near the water my whole life. Being in, on or under the water is second nature to me and I love just about anything to do with it. My Dad owned a scuba shop when I was growing up and I am a certified Rescue Diver. My grandfather always had power boats, so I learned about boating from an early age too. My wife and I lived on a Catalina 27 when we first got married, and have owned far too many boats throughout our 33 years together. There’s nothing quite like owning your boat, and working for Larry is giving me the opportunity to share my passion and enthusiasm with people. I really enjoy helping find someone the boat that is the perfect fit for them and what they want to do.


Stratton Cyrus

My love of boating goes back to my childhood growing up in north Texas.  My friends and I spent countless hours skiing, fishing and just hanging out on Lake Texoma, at the time the largest man-made lake in the U.S.  From a Power Cat tri-hull ski boat to a Chris Craft Runabout we were living large and having fun.  When that Power Cat was wide open with that big Mercury engine humming I learned to kick off my slalom ski and barefoot across the waves.  Now that was exciting.

Most of my ocean going experience in Texas has been fishing in the marsh in a skiff boat for redfish & speckled trout with some bay fishing for flounder & black drum.  There are a number of great guides along the Texas coast from Rockport to South Padre Island and I’ve fished with some of the best.

My wife, who grew up in south Georgia, introduced me to Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island when we first met.  Her family had a home on Fletcher back before The Omni Amelia Island was developed.  Now we spend as much time as we can on the island, it’s our place.

In Austin we are real estate brokers selling luxury properties around & on Lake Austin & Lake Travis.  And often times that involves touring properties via the water.

We met Larry earlier this year on one of our visits to Amelia.  What a great guy with immense knowledge of the boating industry who has taken me under his wing to teach me the business.  Whether it’s real estate or boats, the key to any good business is one based on good customer service skills.  That’s the basis we built our real estate business on and we plan to do the same in Florida with this unique opportunity.

So whether its a boat for skiing or sport fishing in Texas or a yacht in Fernandina I am ready to meet you and hear how I can help you fulfill your boating dreams.


Carl Ross

(904) 468-2751

Born and raised in coastal Maine, my wife and I moved to Amelia Island to enjoy the warmth and year-round boating experience that Florida offers. After serving as flight crew in the US Navy, including training in Pensacola and Jacksonville, I returned to Maine to earn my bachelor’s in business, again settling into a coastal town to raise my family. In fact, I’ve never really lived anywhere I couldn’t see the water on a daily basis.

During countless trips out onto or along the water with my parents, I developed a deep sense of connection to the maritime environment. Rivers, harbors, coves and bays are all connected to our oceans, offering endless opportunities for adventure whether they involve fishing trips or exploration. Time on the water just seems to clear your head. I’m very thankful my parents, who were also from maritime communities, ensured my brother and I were introduced as kids to the seashores and bays of New Brunswick, Canada.

As my wife always says, I can’t pass by a boat without turning my head. She’s right! From powered runabouts to sailboats, flybridges and motor yachts, we’ve had them all. It’s been a dream of ours to live aboard, and we enjoy immensely our 48 foot aft cabin motor yacht. Waking up every morning to enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to seagulls banter about never gets old. Salt water just seems to put people at ease and promotes honest conversation. Perhaps it’s sheer size of the ocean that offers perspective or respect for the challenges of navigating fog, wind and waves that gives all boaters “common ground”. Whatever it is, you tend to make enduring friendships with other boaters that transcend boundaries of wealth, background or choice of vessel on which to adventure.

I’ve always been very hands on when it comes to our boats. For me, understanding all the systems on boats has been of great comfort to myself as captain, and to my family and friends who venture with us.

During the last fifteen years, my son and I have run a marine services business which exposes us daily to all types and condition of vessels, nearly all the waterways and marinas in the region and the people who run them.

As a user of many different boat styles and service provider to the industry, my experience can help match customer preferences to vessels that are right for their boat owner goals and ambitions. In fact, I’ll want to “talk boats” with you for a bit, especially in the beginning, so we can work together to find you exactly what you are looking for.


Sheryl Ross

(904) 570-4801

Being around both fresh and salt water my entire life, my love for the calmness and adventure that it brings has only grown as the years have passed.

My family owned boats when I was young, but my hubby is the one that truly indoctrinated me to the saltwater lifestyle 20+ years ago. We raised our 3 boys around boats, and they have the same love and passion for the water as we do.

We have owned small fishing boats, center and dual consoles, walkarounds, sailboats, jet skis, cabin cruisers, and currently own a 48′ aft cabin motoryacht. As boat owners, we’ve always been “hands-on” – Carl works hard to make sure our boats are safe and mechanically sound, and I work hard to ensure they look good – anything from cleaning bilges to bottom painting.

My background is in sales and providing exceptional customer service. Marrying my love for boating with my experience in building relationships helps me connect buyers with the right boat; and conversely, helping our sellers highlight the attributes of boats they place on the market.

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