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Buying your boat or yacht…Let’s find the perfect boat or yacht for you.

The process of buying a boat is an exciting one! By partnering with Redmond Boats & Yachts, we can ensure that you will have the best experience and results as possible. We love working with the first time buyer (the novice) and the seasoned buyer (the pro) alike. With an investment like purchasing a boat or a yacht, you’ll want to work with professionals who know the ins and outs of the entire process. Larry and the entire sales team have been serving folks for a long time and our experience will add to your investment and make this journey an easier one rather than if you were going it alone.

Check out our yachts & boats for sale nearby you! We will walk you through this process and make it seamless.

We like for our buyers to come to the table with a checklist of their wants, needs, and budget. This helps drive our search in finding a new or pre-owned boat that fits you and your family’s dream of how you want to use the boat. What do you and the family want? What types of amenities? How are you going to use the boat? We’ll help you answer these questions so that you end up buying the boat that will afford you the ability to utilize the boat the most. This may come as a surprise, but there are a lot more boats than there are cars and a lot of boats can do the same thing. We’ll assist you in narrowing down your options to where you have two to three different models and brands that you have an interest in purchasing. For us, location is never a hindrance in getting you connected with the perfect boat for you. Hire us to walk you through this process and make it seamless.

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With 30+ years in the boating and yacht business, our team at Redmond Boats & Yachts combine knowledge, passion, and experience when it comes to serving our customers. We are your “one-stop-shop” as you search for the boat of your dreams and we will walk with you through the process step-by-step to get you and your family on the water as soon as possible.

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